Vision, Expression, Impression: Sculptures by Maroulla
Margaret W. & Joseph  L. Fisher Art Gallery
March 9, 2018 – April 22, 2018
Artist Reception: Saturday March 24, 2018 4-6PM

“Art is a visual language to perceive, to understand, or to transmit an emotion, an idea, or a message. It is a means of expression. It is the only language that is universal to all mankind.”

– Maroulla

For this solo exhibition, I am presenting both abstract and figurative work that has been carved directly and spontaneously in marble and alabaster. Each sculpture in its rough state, ” before it is worked” – has it’s own unique characteristics – veins, color, shape and form.

For the figurative series, I wanted to create a series about human expression. In my process, I want to respect as much as possible the individual characteristics and the unique form of each stone. By following this process of respect for the form, the work rendered is more natural and powerful as each face emerges in the process. Each sculpture reflects a different expression, impression or vision. As these sculptures emerge from my imagination they begin to carry a mythological name.

For the abstract series, the process is the same – one of respect for the individual characteristics of the stone. Through the process of carving, the form  may become a representation of mythological ancient deities – depicted in abstract form. It could also refer to a human characteristics or function as an abstract concept.



Maroulla has studied, worked and exhibited internationally for a number of years. She currently lives and works in Washington DC. Her sculpture studio is at the Monroe Street Art Market in Brookland where she also teaches classes in sculpture. Since moving to Washington DC, she has exhibited extensively in group exhibitions throughout the region. The Fisher Art Gallery is honored to present her first solo exhibition in the United States.

To learn more about Maroulla please visit her website at or like her on Facebook at maroullasculpturestudio.