Teresa Jarzynski

Teresa Jarzynski
The Inscape of my Landscape: The Clouds Revisited
Passage Gallery
September 22nd through November 4th, 2018
Exhibition Reception: Saturday September 22nd, 2018 2-4PM

There is an inescapable beauty and mystery in the nature that surrounds us, and an infinite amount of ways one can creatively interpret it. When painting landscapes the artist Teresa Jarzynski draws her ideas from observation and memory, and then uses her imagination to cover the canvas with color, shape and form. She allows her concept to unravel directly on the canvas through the process of painting. By avoiding too many pre-conceived ideas, she is able to indulge in the great pleasure of experimentation and surprise in each vision as it evolves into it’s own. Landscapes, as they are full of the living and ever changing, lend themselves exceptionally well to such an approach. In the series The Inscape of my Landscape the work strives to lean toward a sense of the ephemeral, a dream come and gone, a moment in time captured and then dissipated like the passing of a cloud.

Lavendar Sky, Oil on Canvas

Jarzynski’s formal study of painting started in New York City, where she resided for twenty five years and received an associates degree in Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2011. It culminated in Florence, Italy where she received her Bachelor of Science in Studio Art in 2012 from Lorenzo De’Medici school, via Marist University, New York. She currently resides in Bethesda, Maryland where she continues an (informal) education in painting through studio practice. Awards for her work include a Best in Show and an Honorable Mention, and her pieces have been published in several national magazines including the cover of HILLRAG, March 2018 issue. Jarzynski is represented by Foundry gallery in Washington DC

To Learn more about Teresa visit her website at https://www.teresajarzynski.com/ and follow her on Instagram at @tereskameow