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Biggest QR Code…IN THE WORLD!

Have you heard about QR (Quick Response) codes? They look like this:

If you scan it with a QR code reader on your tablet or smart phone (scanners are free to download!), it’ll take you to a website or show you a message. If you see one on NOVA’s campus, give it a try!

The largest QR code in the world is a Corn Maze at the Kraay Family Farm in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada. To be eligible for the Guinness Book, the Kraay family had to hire a helicopter so they could scan the code to prove that it really links to the farm’s website. Check out the news story here:

Unfortunately, you can’t scan this one from the video…I tried. So you’ll just have to take the Kraay’s and Guinness’ word for it.

Want to learn more about QR codes? Contact us at the Faculty and Staff Resource Center (!

How To Smartboard

Ever wondered how to put together an 800 series SmartBoard? Who hasn’t? Watch us assemble our newest toy in slightly more than 2 minutes. Contractors, who needs ’em!


If you can’t see the video, click here.

Happy Spring and Presentation Tips

It’s springtime at NOVA! The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the instructional technologists (this one at least) are sneezing.

I found this helpful graphic regarding presentations on the Washington Post website:

If you don’t have marshmallow peep bunnies in bikinis, you might be doing it wrong.

To see the other winners of Washington Post’s Peep Diorama Challenge, go here: