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Please give a warm welcome to Kama Storie, our new Webmaster and Instructional Technologist for the Annandale campus.
Kama graduated from NOVA with her Associate of Science in Information Technology and has been working at NOVA either as a student hire or as a P14 since 2008.
Originally from the United Kingdom, Kama currently lives in Centreville, VA with her husband and two children. When she’s not working at the FSRC, Kama enjoys lifecasting and bellymasking, photography, calligraphy, reading, cooking, and taking her Miniature Australian Shepherd for long walks in the woods.meblog

Our previous blogger, Chase Baity, worked at the FSRC as Webmaster and Instructional Technologist before recently moving on to bigger and better things. Thank you Chase for all of your informative and witty posts. Let’s hope we can live up to your legacy!

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