October 12 2015 Deadline for Chancellor’s Innovation Fund

The Chancellor’s Innovation Fund (CIF) is a competitive fund open to faculty and staff of VCCS colleges to fund innovative, targeted projects that closely align with the new VCCS Strategic Plan, Complete 2021, and other system and college priorities. All CIF projects need to be developed, piloted, and assessed by the end of the fiscal year. Both credit and non-credit projects are welcome. While CIF proposals can be for any project that fits with the scope of the grant, the Chancellor and the CIF review committee are especially interested in innovative proposals that target crucial needs shared by most colleges.  Please visit the CIF site for more information – Chancellor’s Innovation Fund (CIF)

February 1 2016 Deadline for VCCS Professional Development Grant

The next deadline for the VCCS Paul Lee Professional Development Grant is February 1 2016 for the Summer Semester. These grants are awarded based on the merit of the activity to be undertaken in such areas as discipline, instructional, workforce, career and organizational development. Faculty may apply individually or collaboratively for time and expenses. Maximum funding for time is eight credits. Most time is funded at four credits. Summer funding for Paul Lee Professional Development Grants is $2,500. The funds are paid as a stipend and shall not become part of the individual’s base salary.