Shenandoah District Community College Scholarship

**Application Deadline Extended to March**

The Shenandoah District Community College Scholarship will offer financial aid in the amount of one thousand dollars to a full-time rising second year student of an accredited Community College in Shenandoah District, Virginia. Career goals must demonstrate objectives that are garden related.


To provide financial aid to eligible students who desire to finish and/or continue their education in the below mentioned fields (1e.) as career goals.


1. The Applicant shall:

a. Be a resident of Virginia – preferably residing in Shenandoah District

b. Obtain Scholarship application(s) from the VFGC Website – Shenandoah Link

c. Be a full time student/applicant

d. Submit 3 letters of recommendation, one from an Instructor in applicant’s major

e. Major in: Agriculture Education, Horticulture, Floriculture, Landscape Design, Botany, Plant Pathology/Science, Forestry, Agronomy, Environmental Concerns, Environmental Conservation, Habitat or Forest/Systems Ecology, Land Management and/or other garden related or allied subjects

2. Scholarship will be awarded by established guidelines, approved by the Board of Directors

3. The recipient will be chosen by the Scholarship Committee with approval by the Board of Directors, and, notified before the end of the spring semester.

4. The one thousand dollar Scholarship Award will be sent by the Shenandoah District Treasurer to the appropriate community college personnel before the end of the spring semester, and, is to be applied to tuition and books for the recipient’s second year.

5. The Scholarship Committee has discretion in awarding. The amount is determined by the Executive Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

6. This will be an ongoing, named Scholarship.

7. Scholarships will be awarded only when funds accrued are adequate. Funds to be kept in a separate Scholarship account.

8. Recipients and donors will be recognized in the ‘Shenandoah Sharings’ and the ‘Old Dominion Gardener’.

Contact for application


go to and scroll to the very bottom of page.

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