Blue Iris Gardens

A job opportunity from Kristin Iris Sprangle-

I’m in need of a landscape designer I can outsource some of my design work to, who has knowledge of native plants (deer resistant) and sustainable practices.  Most of my clients reside in Great Falls, McLean, Arlington and Vienna although I’m beginning to expand into other areas of Northern Virginia as well.

The designer I seek should be able to complete designs in a timely manner using computer programs in order to make changes as needed by my clients (hand drawing is too time consuming).  All designs will be done to scale, illustrative and include an informative plant list that includes pictures of the plants and information pertaining to each plant.

As the designer, you would charge directly to my clients for the design work and in addition I pay designers 7% of only the marked up plant material cost.  For example, if I charge my client $5,000.00 for plant material, I would pay you $350.00.  Labor, hardscape and other materials would not be included in this fee.

A little bit about my company and education background

I completed my master’s degree at George Washington University and shortly thereafter started my company, which is now heading into its 8th season.  I have a full-time crew who completes my installations. I personally source all the plant materials and complete the estimates for my clients.

Blue Iris Gardens