Volunteer Opportunities- Cannabreeze Hemp Farm and Company

Are you looking to get into the exciting world of hemp and/or cannabis production? Are you still looking to fulfill your HRT 290 Cooperative Internship requirement? If so, this opportunity was made for you. With the farm located in Lovettsville, VA, and products sold at markets throughout the DMV, Cannabreeze is a great local and Veteran Owned business to get started in.

Cannabreeze Volunteer Opportunities

Monday-Friday, 9:00am-1:00PM

Volunteer Positions 4-hour segments

The only commitment would be to complete the full 4 Hour commitment slot.  The student and our Cultivation Director can determine a regular schedule for the remainder of available volunteer days.

Available positions are year-round, beginning from June 1st and running to the 3rd week of November (Thanksgiving).  There are three stages of the growing season:

Fall students will be assisting the harvest team with the harvesting and drying of hemp flowers and biomass; from pulling plants off the field, organizing and prioritizing plants to their respective stations in the harvest room, bucking the flower from the stem, managing the disassembly of plant material, racking biomass and flower onto drying trays, turning flower and biomass during the drying process, and removing and storing flower and biomass for future extraction.

Spring Students would assist the cultivation team in hemp planting and propagation: seed germination, watering, nutrient, and preventive pest applications, hardening of seed starts, digging holes, applying field nutrients, transplanting hemp seedlings into the soil, activation of automated watering and nutrient application system.

Summer Students would assist the propagation team in irrigating and nutrient scheduling and application, understanding how to combat plant predators, lopping and scrogging, foliar application, horizontal trellising, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering at Cannabreeze Hemp Farm & Company, please contact Jeff Boogaard Owner and Founder at (240) 354-6700 jeff@cannabreezehemp.com