Native Plant Internship- The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen (TNFW)

Another exciting internship opportunity! The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen is looking for a 2023 summer intern to help with their greenhouse in woody plant maintenance and cuttings, native plant gardens, and working at TNFW’s Trillium House! Not only will you have the opportunity to work in the Trillium house! But you’ll also receive a room to stay at the Trillium house- on top of this being a paid internship!

Notice of Internship

Notice of Internship working with Native Plants
The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen (TNFW) was founded in 1993 by Wintergreen
community members to conserve an environment still blessed with much of its original
forest floor ecosystem. The founders understood that effective and enduring
conservation could best be achieved through an organization led by scientists and
devoted to meticulous habitat preservation and management. The three missions of
TNFW are conservation, research, and education.
Job Description
For undergraduate students in the area of horticulture, botany, environmental science,
or other areas involved with native plants. The intern will work two days a week in the
greenhouse working with cuttings and maintenance of woody plants, two days a week in
the native plant gardens on top of the mountain, and one day a week in the TNFW
center at Trillium House. The intern will also be encouraged to participate in hikes
identifying and locating native plants. The expectation is that the intern will develop
skills in propagation, seed collection. and maintenance of native plants in their local
Salary and compensations
The intern will receive pay at $12 per hour as well a room in the TNFW center at
Trillium House
Terms/Expected Hours of Work
The intern is expected to work 40 hours per week starting June 1 , 2023 and ending
August 11 , 2023 or dates to suit the intern’s schedule.
Letter of interest including two references should be submitted to Douglas Coleman,
Director, The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen, 3421 Wintergreen Drive, Roseland,
VA 22967