Teaching and Learning Online

Extended Learning Institute (ELI) will offer two courses this summer for faculty interested in teaching online. Both are online NOVA credit courses that you can take from your home, your beach house, or anywhere you have a computer and Internet access. Both courses are free to full-time and adjunct faculty who qualify for tuition assistance. Spend time with ELI virtually this summer and develop your online teaching capabilities.

EDU 285: Teaching Online introduces you to online teaching and learning, and helps you learn the best online teaching practices related to pedagogy, technology, and administration. See http://novaonline.nvcc.edu/descriptions/edu285common/edu285ci810.htm for additional information and registration procedures.

EDU 287: Instructional Design for Online Learning helps you learn the principles and processes of designing an online course. You will apply what you learn by creating activities for an online course of your choosing. See http://novaonline.nvcc.edu/descriptions/edu287common/edu287ci111.htm for additional information and registration procedures.

Contact Bob Loser at rloser@nvcc.edu if you have additional questions.