Adrienne Hinds, Celeste Dubeck-Smith, Johanna Weiss and Frances Villagran-Glover

NOVA Represented at Seminar Promoting Women in Higher Education

Adrienne Hinds, Celeste Dubeck-Smith, Johanna Weiss and Frances Villagran-Glover
Acting Dean of Languages and Literature Adrienne Hinds (AN), who is also an ACE Virginia Women’s Network Board Member; Acting Dean of Business and Public Ser- vices Division Celeste Dubeck-Smith (AN), Assistant Dean of Science Johanna Weiss (MA) and Acting Dean Education Support Services Frances Villagran-Glover (AL).

Three NOVA representatives were nominated and selected to attend the 2010-2011 ACE-Office of Women in Higher Education Virginia Network Leadership seminar. The goals of both the national Network and the Virginia Network are to promote women’s leadership in higher education and throughout society as a whole and facilitate effective partnerships between women and men in the workplace.

“The Network is a unique opportunity to get to know other women leaders throughout the Commonwealth and be able to discuss common areas of concern as well as find out what other colleges are doing. It gives you a different perspective from the two-year college experience. Not only are the seminars excellent but you have the opportunity to learn from others, make contacts for that next career move and just make new friends,” said Celeste Dubeck-Smith, 2010-2011 seminar participant.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Virginia Network please contact NOVA’s institutional representative, Dean of Operations Christine Holt (AN) at