Alexandria Campus Second Annual Math Contest

Faculty Trudy Streilein and Amy Wang; students Anna C. Cahill, Hang Nguyen and Charlie Huggins; faculty Snejana Topalova, Eddie Huff and Bruce Colletti.

The Alexandria Campus Second Annual Math Contest was held November 10. The contest aims to show that mathematics is fun and useful, as illustrated by questions in consumer spending/personal finance, logical thinking, transportation, applied sciences and geometry. First place students came from Professor Trudy Steilein’s MTH163 class and each chose their desired prizes (textbooks and automotive tools). The competition was an excellent learning experience for contestants and spectators.

The contest sought to guide students toward careers in math-based sciences and to nurture those who have a mathematical bent. Opening remarks by Dean of Students Delores Scott and closing remarks by Dean of Science, Technology and Business Division Bruce Bowman moved thoughts in that direction. Contest efforts also have the active interest of Provost Peter Maphumulo.

The contest was open to all enrolled in an Alexandria Campus pre-calculus (MTH 163/166) course. Four professors organized the event that challenged nine teams, each with three students. Last year’s contest covered developmental math and was the brainchild of Student Activities Coordinator Pat Gordon. Next fall’s contest will cover calculus. Contests will join other efforts that launch NOVA students toward careers in which they were born to make a grand mark.