Alexandria Campus Thanksgiving Dinner

Liberal Arts Division Chair Jim McClellan (center, standing) provides the history of the American Thanksgiving celebration.

Student Activities Office and the Student Government Association (SGA) hosted the 4th Annual Campus Thanksgiving Dinner for students at the Alexandria Campus on Monday, November 21. Sixty-five students shared a meal, making new friends and trading stories on their own customs and holidays.

Sue Jean Cho, history faculty, worked with student volunteers for the set-up and management of the event. Division Chair Jim McClellan, Liberal Arts, provided a history of the American Thanksgiving celebration, for the benefit of several students who had never attended a Thanksgiving dinner in the United States. Dean of Students Delores Scott cut and handed out pie to the guests. Joe Windham, history faculty, offered a toast at the end of the meal, wishing everyone a peaceful holiday. The table centerpieces, designed by SGA officers Natalie Benitez and Fatma Rekik, were given away to a student guest at each table.

The annual event, which was first organized by the Asian Student Association four years earlier, continues to reinforce the ideals and goals of the Campus to create a real sense of community for the students, faculty and staff.