Teaching and Learning Online

Have you thought about teaching online? Do you want to feel better prepared to tackle this new and increasingly popular learning format?

The Extended Learning Institute (ELI) now offers two convenient credit courses to help you prepare to teach online – TOP and IDOL. TOP is an eight-week online course that introduces you to the pedagogy and technology for building and facilitating online learning communities in online and hybrid courses. IDOL is a 10-week online course that teaches you the ASSURE process for developing an online course that follows the national Quality Matters™ standards. Follow these links for additional information about the content of each course and registration procedures:

EDU 285: Teaching Online Program (TOP)
EDU 287: Instructional Design for Online Learning (IDOL)

Both courses are on ELI’s schedule for the spring 2012 semester. EDU 287 (IDOL) begins on January 9 and EDU 285 (TOP) begins on March 12. Contact ELI Faculty Developer Joan Osborne at josborne@nvcc.edu if you have questions or need additional information.