Change to Travel Reimbursement Procedures (Effective January 1, 2012)

The Travel EDI program sponsored by the Department of Accounts is intended to reduce the administrative costs associated with processing travel reimbursements by reducing the number of state issued checks by using more efficient electronic payment processes, such as EDI. Direct Deposit, EDI, SPCC (small purchase charge card) and Payline Opt-Out are best practices that demonstrate effective financial management, particularly during difficult economic times.

In order to ensure compliance with the guidelines set forth by the Department of Accounts, effective January 1, 2012 no travel expense reimbursements will be processed to a staff or faculty member unless they are enrolled in the Travel EDI program (direct deposit). What does this mean to you? Very simple: anyone who completes a travel request (Form 105-002) needs to enroll to have their travel reimbursement direct deposited to their bank account. If you already receive travel reimbursements via direct deposit, you do not need to complete a new form.

The Travel EDI enrollment form is in the attachment section. If you plan to travel, and you are not currently enrolled for direct deposit, please complete the Travel EDI enrollment form and attach it to your 105-002-Travel Request Form. You will need to complete the “Employee Information” section of the form and attach a voided check. DO NOT complete the “social security number” field. Your form can be processed without your social security number. Completed forms should be sent to Marissa Hebron at CH 214.

If you have any questions about the Travel EDI program, please contact Hebron at 703-323-3126 or