Manassas Hosts Award-winning Author Solveig Eggerz for Writing Workshop

Eggerz and Stewart.

On November 14, Dr. Ruth Stewart’s Honors 111 Composition class welcomed award-winning author Solveig Eggerz to conduct a writing workshop. Eggerz teaches workshops throughout the Washington area. With enthusiasm and a deep understanding of the writing process, she helps students to replace writer’s block with an awareness of the creativity that resides within them.

Before giving the students exercises, Eggerz explained that character is “central to our discussion. This is the human being … who makes the reader want to keep on reading. This is true for fiction, creative non-fiction and even writing about history.”

The meaning of a story, she explained, is not the events but a character’s response: “what’s roiling around inside them.”

After writing on a topic designed to unleash their imagination and memory, students were invited to read their work aloud. There were many eager volunteers. Afterward, student Josh Briand commented, “I really liked the writing workshop. [Eggerz’s advice] can assist me as I continue to write in the future.”

Eggerz is the author of the awardwinning novel Seal Woman, winner of the 2008 first prize for fiction from the Maryland Writers Association and finalist for the 2009 Eric Hoffer Award. Her short story “The Midwife” won first prize in the 2009 annual competition of the Virginia Writers Club. Eggerz’s writings have appeared in The Northern Virginia Review, Palo Alto Review, Lincoln Review, Midstream, Issues, The Journal of the Baltimore Writers Alliance, The Christian Century and Open Windows: An Anthology.

The Manassas Honors Program plans to continue offering opportunities for Honors students to work with area writers and experts in their field.