Manassas Recognizes Honors Awards Winners

The winners of the Manassas Campus Honors Awards were recognized at a ceremony recently. Back row: Charles Carnahan, Eileen Heim, David Earhart, Margaret Rohan, Michael Philips and Dr. Mark Kidd. Front row: Interim Provost Christine Holt, Dr. Rebecca Hayes and Mary Riddle.

A large number of faculty and staff turned out to congratulate the winners of the Manassas Campus Honors Awards. The awards are presented to outstanding students in the challenging Honors Program.

During the ceremony, Honors Program Chair Rebecca Hayes welcomed the students and their families, Interim Provost Christine Holt congratulated the honorees on their accomplishments and Dean of Students Mark Kidd offered wishes for continued success.

The award winners are Charles Carnahan, David Earhart, Eileen Heim, Michael Phillips, Mary Riddle and Margaret Rohan. Each student received a scholarship for a three-credit course. To be eligible for the award, students must be enrolled in the Honors Program, carry a 3.5 or higher GPA, and be nominated by their professors.