Loudoun Campus Hosts Financial Aid Workshop

Magda Valencia, Ashley Acheson and Tu Le. The poster was produced by NOVA Graphics.

On Thursday, January 5, the Loudoun Financial Aid Department offered a workshop to assist students with the financial aid process. This interactive workshop was led by Ashley Acheson, Tu Le and Magda Valencia.

“The audience was very engaged in the information we presented,” said Ashley Acheson. “They asked many insightful questions and are eager to enroll.”

One avenue to increase enrollment among lowand middle-income students is to make financial aid information more accessible.

Dean of Student Services Wayne Barbour said, “The goal of the financial aid workshop was to acclimate students to the application process, emphasize early application and highlight the importance of consistent account review.”

The Loudoun Campus Financial Aid Department is planning to extend these workshops to the greater community.

“A Financial Aid Workshop is a terrific opportunity for NOVA to send a clear message to area residents that earning a college degree is possible,” said Campus and Community Relations Specialist Jolie Perara. “The marketing strategy is to reach out to local libraries, civic centers and online communities with the information about these workshops.”

Hosting Financial Aid Workshops is a significant step toward helping individuals attain their educational goals.

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