Loudoun Supports Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

Colonel Barney Barnum, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, utilized the web conference facilities at the Loudoun Campus to hold a webinar to interact with seven graders and ROTC students in a question and answer session. The students were located in Wattsburg, Pennsylvania.

“It is now my mission to encourage character building and responsible citizenship in the youth of today and the Medal of Honor Character Development Program is a strong curriculum that supports the endeavors of educators as they aim to create lifelong learners and citizens as it highlights the love of country, patriotism and concerns for their fellow man,” Barnum said.

The Medal of Honor Character Development Program encourages students to explore and build their character through these remarkable “living histories.” The students are given the opportunity to draw from the personal accounts of the Medal of Honor recipients and participate in activities that inspire students to consider courage and self-sacrifice.

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