“Moose on the Loose”

Rick “Moose” Auckerman and his family plan to visit every Virginia State Park.

IT Specialist Rick “Moose” Auckerman (MA) was recently featured in Virginia State Parks eNews. “First Day Hike: A Moose is on the Loose” describes Auckerman’s vow to visit every state park.

“After attending the CommonHealth program on state parks, I set out to lose some weight to help with my diabetes and to have some good old natural fun with my kids. Our goal is to see all 36 of Virginia’s State Parks over the next three years, visiting 12 each year, and at the end be able to say I walked over 13,000,000 steps,” Auckerman says in the article.

Auckerman and his family are well on the way to meeting that goal with more than a dozen parks already crossed off the list. Along the way, the family has enjoyed Virginia’s flora and fauna and learned about the state’s history.

Read the full story here. Way to go, Moose!

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