Bulova and York Participate in NOVA Photo Shoot

The Loudoun Campus hosted a photo shoot with Chairman Sharon Bulova of Fairfax County and Chairman Scott York of Loudoun County. The photos will be used in a display in the lobby at the Signal Hill office building.
The backlit display has four panels and the chairmen will be showcased in one display panel. The proposed headline is, “We agree a great future begins with a college education.”
Although Bulova and York are from different political parties and different counties, they are both strong supporters of higher education and NOVA. Bulova is a graduate of NOVA and York attended NOVA for a year.

York is a strong advocate of recruiting and retaining students. He said, “If you want to have a reward- ing future and go places, get an education!”

This project has been a team effort. Dana Kaufman, special assistant to the president, put Jolie Perara, Loudoun campus and community relations specialist , in contact with the chairmen’s aides. College photographer Kevin Mattingly conducted the photo shoot and NOVA’s Graphics team will design the final artwork for the backlit panels.

The other three panels will profile a guaranteed admission success story, professor and military veterans.

The purpose of this type of marketing is to elevate the NOVA brand, recruit new students and increase retention by reinforcing the student’s choice to attend NOVA.

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