Intercom Upgraded to a New Look

Two weeks ago, Marketing and Communications launched a new version of Intercom. It is still the informative publication you have come to know and like, but with a new dynamic layout.

The new publication elements include a feature stories section at the top that contains the top three stories rotating with colorful images. Additional stories for each issue are in their own boxed areas going down the page for easy scanning and reading. There are three tabs at the top of the page – Current Edition, which leads you to the most current edition of the Intercom, Flyers, which leads you to flyers for an array of events and activities, and Past Editions, which leads you to dated links to all past editions of the Intercom.

If you click on Submission Guidelines in the green bar area on the top left, it will take you to a page detailing the requirements for submitting material to the Intercom in addition to a Comments box at the bottom where you can leave feedback. If you click on Posts in the green bar area on the top right, you can subscribe to the Intercom feed.

Each story contains a Comments link that you can click on and submit any statements you would like to make about a specific article. The comments are moderated by the Marketing and Communications team. If you have a question, someone from the team will respond to you directly. You can also submit comments or suggestions about the new format to

New issues of the Intercom will now be published every Monday. The link to the latest edition will be sent to you through the college email system. You can also check out the latest edition through the Intercom website.

We hope you enjoy Intercom’s new look and feel!

8 thoughts on “Intercom Upgraded to a New Look

  1. Very attractive!

    One minor annoyance: try to make the scrolling highlights at the top a uniform height, otherwise the entire text below it pops up and down as it goes from one to another.

  2. I don’t like the new look! The old look was easier to maneuver through & find articles. I guess webpage desiners have to work so this was there excuse. Why can’t you just leave good things alone?

  3. I too am very disappointed with the new look; the format is difficult to navigate, and there are way too many buttons to click to find simple articles. Bring back the old format – PLEASE!

  4. Yuck. Agree that this is a very poor experiment. There are hundreds of electronic newsletters which are useful, easy to navigate and interesting. Intercom has been none of these for a long time now.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Could you point us towards a specific newsletter that you found useful? We are always looking for ways to improve Intercom.

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