Apprentice Chefs Test at the Annandale Campus

Pictured in rear (left to right): Ryan Shanahan (apprentice), Chef Christopher Britton (Nestle), Chef Ciarin Devlin (George C. Marshall High School), Chef Richard Bowden (Country Club of Fairfax) and Chef Ray Riddle (Chesterbrook Residences). Pictured in front are Chef Benita Wong (NOVA) and apprentices Gabrielle Lamonte and Loreann Grimes.

On Saturday, March 3, three apprentices from the Nation’s Capital Chef’s Association, who take their academic classes from NOVA, displayed their culinary skills for a panel of chefs.  Ryan Shanahan, Loreann Grimes and Gabrielle Lamonte all tested as part of the American Culinary Federation Apprenticeship Program.  This program, administered by Chef Benita Wong at NOVA, is the only one in the Washington metropolitan area.  The apprentices experience a combination of classroom study, hands – on culinary training, and paid internship in a participating food service establishment. After three years of successful apprenticeship, the participant will become a Certified Culinarian (CC), which is an important step to become a American Culinary Federation recognized Certified Chef.  Many former student apprentices have moved on to become chefs in restaurants, hotels, caterers and other food service establishments.

Chefs Christopher Britton (Nestle), Ciarin Devlin (George C. Marshall High School), Richard Bowden (Country Club of Fairfax), Ray Riddle (Chesterbrook Residences) and Wilhelm Jonach (NOVA) evaluated the three apprentices on their second-year test, which consisted of a tomato salad, fish meuniere, roast chicken with rice pilaf, glazed carrots and apple cobbler. The chef judges evaluated the three apprentices on organization, sanitation, knife skills, proper culinary methods and techniques, and of course appearance and taste.  The team is happy to announce all three students passed their test, and look forward to preparing for next year’s test.

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