NOVA Offers Training on Active Shooter Situation

Officer Tony Ong and OEMP’s Stephen Brunelle speak to attendees about what to do in an active shooter situation.

On March 8, NOVA Police and the Office of Emergency Management and Planning (OEMP) offered faculty and staff a training seminar on active shooter situations. The training was the first of this series and was held on the Annandale Campus with over 50 people attending.

Community Outreach Officer Tony Ong (AL) and OEMP Second District Emergency Coordinator Stephen Brunelle provided attendees with key pieces of information on how to deal with an active shooter until Police arrive. The presentation covered historical information about active shooter cases, statistics from these cases, and tips on what to do when a shooter is on campus.

NOVA faculty, staff and students are encouraged to know the various evacuation routes for each building. It is imperative that everyone know where they are to take cover and shelter-in-placein case of emergency and that they may be called to protect their life by taking action if needed. Most importantly, it is imperativethat everyone follow Police direction once they arrive on the scene.

This forum and others are part of a pilot program through NOVA’s OEMP and Police. If you are interested in learning more about these various trainings, please contact OEMP at or 703-764-5043.

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