Second Annual Women Helping Women Event

The second annual Women Helping Women event hosted by the Alexandria Campus Women’s Mentoring Program was a huge success. Forty-five participants attended the half day event which featured scholarship information, a personal essay writing workshop, presentations by the Medical Education Campus and an information session on how to conquer math anxiety. Participants overwhelming reported that the event was an excellent way to learn about resources, meet other women over 30 who are students, and get to know the other staff and faculty who are mentors.

Associate Professor of English Jill Biden (AL) and Professor Emeritus of Religion and Philosophy Beth Harrison (AL) are co-chairs of the Women’s Retention Project. The program was developed to help ensure that women over 30 get the support they need in order to be engaged in school, and ultimately graduate and attain their academic and career goals.

“Overall, I believe that the program is very useful. It helps to have one consistent point of contact, someone who knows my expectations and goals and who encourages me when I get down on myself.” – Anonymous mentee response.





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