Alexandria Celebrated National Library Week

From April 9 to 13 the Alexandria Campus Library celebrated National Library Week (NLW). The Library served sweet snacks to students in honor of the special week and also hosted a contest challenging students to guess how many books the Library checked out last semester and how many people came into the Library on Monday April 9 (the first day of NLW).  Ben Hall and Ikhlas Zahid were the winners, each receiving a “Final Exams Care Package.”

NLW also kicked off two weeks of extended library hours. From April 23 to May 4 the Library extended its hours in support of preparation for final exams.  The Library opened half an hour early at 8:00 a.m. and closed an hour later at 11:00 p.m. (also served study break snacks in the evenings).

In case you were wondering, the library checked out 21,788 items in the fall semester of 2011, and on Monday April 9 the gate-counter recorded 2,365 entries to the Library.  The Alexandria Campus Library holds more than 60,000 books and DVDs, provides access to over 200 online databases and provides library instruction to an average of 125 classes per semester.

NLW winner, Ben Hall
NLW Snacks

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