Annandale Facilities Making Much Needed Changes on Campus

The updated sidewalk leading from parking lot C-1 to the CG building.

The Annandale Campus has made strides to become more ADA-compliant with a recent upgrade to the sidewalks leading from parking lot C-1 to the CG and CN buildings. The Facilities Department, under Michael Marshall’s direction, was instrumental in the process. After receiving feedback about the need to upgrade the areas, they made sure that the project was done quickly and successfully.

“This project is a good example of how the Annandale Campus addresses the needs of its community,” said Director of Campus Operations Rizwan Rahman. “The right departments were able to assess this need and take action quickly.”

The final step in the process was for Facilities to eradicate the existing lines and regenerate the correct markings for crosswalks, which was completed over the last weekend of April.

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