Inaugural Conference on Advising as Teaching and Learning

On Friday, April 20, more than 75 faculty and staff gathered at the Woodbridge Campus Theater for the inaugural Conference on Advising as Teaching and Learning.  The conference focused on the restructuring of advising across the College, especially with the implementation of the QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan): GPS for Success.  The GPS for Success will create a more comprehensive and consistent advising experience for first-time-to-college, recent high school graduates.

Woodbridge Provost Sam Hill welcomed participants to the Campus and expressed his appreciation for the dedication of faculty and staff to improving advising and the GPS for Success.

The guest speaker was Blane Harding, faculty member and advisor at Colorado State University.  Harding, who is involved with the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA), is an expert on advising and diversity issues. Harding’s presentation focused on the knowledge and skills that students learn through academic advising and explain how advising can be thought of as a teaching process.

President Robert G. Templin Jr. also addressed the conference. He explained how the GPS for Success is a part of a larger plan to improve success for NOVA students. The early engagement of students, especially of those who are at risk, is a critical component to helping students reach their goals.

Attendees participated in breakout sessions on advising roles, transfer resources, when to make referrals, cultural sensitivity, and advising students who are on probation. In the afternoon, attendees visited tables facilitated by NOVA experts on topics such as financial aid, CARE, virtual advising, campus resources, the role of the Faculty Advising Manager, math redesign, NACADA, advising ELI (Extending Learning Institute) students, and using and advising syllabus.

Alice Reagan (WO) checks in attendees at the conference.
Blane Harding chats with Cynthia Pascal (CS), Tanya Ingram (WO), and Mark Bumgarner (WO) before the conference.
President Robert G. Templin, Jr., guest speaker Blane Harding, and Provost Sam Hill (WO).

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