Reston Hosts Open House

Dr. Vincent Bates and Laura Siko.

On Wednesday, April 25, the Reston Center hosted a well-attended open house. The open house welcomed guests to a street fair atmosphere that exhibited the educational offerings and support services available at NOVA. After the guests visited the information tables, they were escorted into an information session led by Laura Siko, Loudoun’s director of off-campus sites. The session commenced with an introduction from Provost Julie Leidig. The attendees learned about NOVA from Dean of Communication and Human Studies Vincent Bates; Assistant Dean of ESL Riley Holzberlein; Dr. Mike Krimmer, program head of Geospatial Studies; Financial Aid Advisors Ashley Acheson and Magda Valencia; and current students.

The student speakers were arranged by Student Activities Coordinator Tiffney Laing and Terry Matlaga, adjunct professor.

The fine details of the event were managed by Parin Philpott, Jackie Hillman, Janice Ouellette, and Pat Hall.  

The event was marketed by Laura Siko and Jolie Perara, and NOVA Graphics supported the efforts with smartly designed ads and flyers.

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