Annandale Wellness Committee Hosts Cooking Class

On April 24, the Annandale Campus Wellness Committee hosted a “Healthy Cooking Class” led by Professor Janet Sass (registered dietitian) and Chef Michael Herbert. The class was open to all Annandale faculty and staff and participants were given the opportunity for some hands-on kitchen experience.

The first part of the class involved a brief lecture from Sass on healthy cooking techniques. She covered alternative cooking methods as well as a variety of options for healthier salads, entrees and desserts. Participants then worked in the kitchen with Herbert to prepare a meal including poached salmon with mango salsa, quinoa salad, and crepes with berries and cream cheese filling. Throughout the demonstration participants were able to ask questions about food preparation and ingredients while chopping, mixing and plating the dishes. Everyone took a plate of food with them at the finish.

This event was the beginning of a series of classes to be offered through the Wellness Committee for faculty and staff. The committee aims to provide the Annandale Campus with a variety of opportunities for healthy living practices. The participants of this first class were extremely happy with the class and offered the following comments:

“Thanks for the cooking demo yesterday. The ‘dinner to go’ you fixed for me was fantastic.”

“Just wanted the Wellness Committee to know how enjoyable and informative it was to attend the healthy cooking class on April 24. It was amazing how many delicious dishes could be prepared in just a brief hour! Our group received the recipes so it will be fun to try recreating what the chef demonstrated.”

If you are a member of the Annandale Campus community, continue to look for upcoming classes and events from the Wellness Committee.

Chef Michael Herbert started the class by cooking the dessert.
The final product was poached salmon with mango salsa, quinoa salad and crepes.

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  1. It would be nice for other faculty and staff members from other campuses be able to enjoy the benefits as Annandale.

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