Loudoun Celebrates Faculty Accomplishments

On Thursday, May 10, the Loudoun Campus celebrated the professional development accomplishments of 23 adjunct faculty members. Provost Julie Leidig and Academic Division Deans Joyce Samuels and Vincent Bates were on hand to congratulate each of the adjuncts on their successful completion of the Tier Two portion of the newly designed Loudoun Adjunct Professional Development program.

Additionally, a certificate of appreciation was also awarded to seven adjunct faculty who had devoted much time and effort over the past two semesters in planning, designing and implementing the many aspects of the comprehensive program.  Together with the program leads, Susan Johnson and Sandi Nicholson, the planning group developed a three tiered program for the Loudoun Campus including Orientation for new adjuncts in Tier One; participation, application and integration of professional development in Tier Two for developing adjuncts; and the taking on of program leadership responsibilities in Tier Three for experienced adjuncts.

One of the certificate recipients, Bill McFadden summed up his thoughts about his participation in the portfolio development portion of Tier Two. “I found the thought process that the team has outlined to be an effective way to take a focused assessment of where I am as a teacher and how I can continue with incremental improvements to enhance the learning experience of the students in my classes.  Documenting where I am and designing a development plan for where I would like to be was a very valuable exercise.  I would certainly hope that every adjunct at the Loudoun campus can take advantage of this program.”

Another certificate recipient, David Harvey, expressed his thoughts about the value of the new Loudoun APD program.  “It is nice to have a program where you can be recognized for your contributions in and out of class beyond a paycheck. Most of the adjuncts certainly are here out of dedication to their subject and wanting to share knowledge, and this program reemphasized the importance of adjuncts continuing to contribute beyond the classroom and to work with others in and out of our disciplines. Programs like this will help keep NOVA strong and energized.”

The Loudoun APD planning group included (left to right) Susan Johnson, Ann-Marie Lanius, Frank Carbo, Doreen Duarte-Zebdi, Chuck Whalen, Colleen Al Mukhtar, Mareyllen Ryan, Morgan Marsh and Sandi Nicholson.
Provost Julie Leidig, Dean Vincent Bates and Dean Joyce Samuels award David Harvey one of the 23 certificates presented at the APD Recognition Dinner.

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