Industry Sponsors Geospatial Leaders Program

From left to right: Geospatial Studies Adjunct Instructor Eva Stern, Teaching Assistant Charlotte Cain, SAIC’s Cristina Cornell, Geospatial Studies Program Head Mike Krimmer, Ken Holbert, Town of Herndon and NOVA Geospatial Studies student Erin Manning.

Dr. Michael Krimmer, program head for Geospatial Studies at the Reston Center, has developed a partnership between NOVA, BAE Systems, SAIC and the U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) to underwrite NOVA’s Geospatial Leaders Summer Workshop. In its second year, the program is aimed at introducing high school students to GIS, remote sensing and GPS. Students also earn credit (CEU) and work on career development skills.

As one part of the workshop, volunteers from BAE Systems, SAIC and USGIF assist students with resume development, networking skills and mock interviews. NOVA’s GIS instructor cohort, adjuncts from D.C. government, the city of Herndon, SAIC and NOVA student volunteers provide the GeoLeaders instruction and hands-on assistance with real-world projects, such as responding to the June 29 storms.

“Partnerships with BAE Systems, SAIC and USGIF adds depth to our summer program,” said Krimmer. “Students leave the program having learned about a rapidly growing industry and with a head start on workplace skills. Having succeeded in the workshop, the GeoLeaders also realize that a college education is something each of them can attain.”

The two GeoSpatial Leaders workshops enroll a total of 40 students. The program runs from June 22 to July 20.

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