Adult Career Pathways Program on the Web

ACP staff: Christina Hubbard, Wende Ruffin-Lowry, Bill Browning, Jennifer Pocai and Debi Butler (not pictured).

NOVA’s Adult Career Pathways Program (ACP) is pleased to announce the addition of their program to NOVA’s website. The site gives potential students an overview of the program and allows them to register for one of ACP’s College Access Workshops.

The ACP program is reaching out to dozens of community-based organizations to refer new adults, newly-enrolled or former students who struggled in college.  Similar to Pathway to the Baccalaureate, Adult Career Pathways is a counseling-based service in which students are paired with an academic counselor to assist them in navigating the challenges adult students face when attending college. There is no fee to students to take part in the program.

The program is designed to assist low wage workers, work-eligible immigrants, unemployed, and under-employed adults in developing an education or training plan to earn a certificate or credential that can help secure a better job with a path toward advancement and greater economic security. In the program’s first year, 296 participants registered for ACP.  Participants’ 87 percent success rate in their first NOVA term surpassed the program’s goal, while the 80 percent retention goal was also achieved.

The first step toward applying for the program is attending a College Access Workshop held at various community locations in Fairfax County. The workshops are typically held twice a month.  During the workshops, individuals receive further information about the program and assistance registering and applying for financial aid.  At the end of the workshop, attendees may apply for the program if they wish to do so.

Potential students can now RSVP for College Access Workshops on the “Apply to ACP” page of the site. Once an individual submits the form, he or she will receive further information regarding the workshop along with an email confirmation.

If you meet new students or potential students who would benefit from this program, please refer them to the website ( or directly to an ACP team member. Feel free to contact ACP at 703-425-5245 or

ACP welcomes any questions or suggestions. Thank you for your support of the program.

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