Heisler Wins Woodbridge Classified Staff Superior Performance Award

Award winner Cindi Heisler accepts her award from Woodbridge Provost Sam Hill.

On July 13, the Woodbridge Campus gathered for the Annual Classified Staff Recognition Day. This year, Business and Social Science Division Office Manager Cindi Heisler won the 2012 Classified Staff Superior Performance award. Heisler was nominated by her colleagues for her increased leadership role on both the campus and college levels. One of the major undertakings that she completed was a thorough analysis of the room usage on the Campus for the past four years. Her data on classroom usage has allowed for a more efficient use and scheduling of the space and classrooms. The Woodbridge Campus is maxed out for space and will continue to be even after the completion of the Phase 3 Academic building. Heisler’s report will allow for more classes to be offered without acquiring additional space and cost.

She has also taken a leadership role in the High Performance Organization initiative at the Campus. She has worked with others to create the campus vision statement and has been a strong supporter of the initiative in her division. Another area where Heisler excels is in her position as vice chair of the Personnel Services Committee for the College. She also chaired the Classified Staff Emeritus Committee, which gives formal recognition to staff members who have provided excellent service to NOVA.

Other staff members nominated for outstanding service included Dean of Students Executive Assistant Kathy Fullerton, Office Support Specialist Candice Kirk, Lab Instructor Tim Kraemer, Student Services Assistant Lando Lowe, IT Specialist Rachel Overby, Administrative Specialist for the Student Services Center Karen Todd and Library Assistant Karen Williams.

The Division of Communications and Humanities staff smile for the camera.
IT Department and the Testing Center staff chat while waiting for the program to begin.

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