MEC Faculty Appointed by Governor to Radiologic Technology Advisory Board

Medical Education Campus (MEC) Radiography Faculty Rebecca Keith has been appointed to serve on the Governor’s Advisory Board for Radiologic Technology. Nominated by a former co-worker at Virginia Commonwealth University, Keith was appointed by Governor Bob McDonnell in January 2012, and she will serve four years with the possibility of an additional four-year appointment. The seat she fills was vacated by MEC faculty Peggy Heffernen who recently left the board after serving eight years.

As part of the Commonwealth’s Board of Medicine, the advisory board looks at standards of practice, licensure laws, ethics issues and they occasionally interface with lobbyists and they make recommendations to the governor. The board recently reviewed licensure standards for radiologic assistants, a position equivalent to a nurse practitioner. They also evaluated a licensure issue regarding a technician in the Commonwealth who was intoxicated. In that case, the board, which consists of a physician from the Board of Medicine, another physician not on the board, a lawyer and a lay person, had to review the case, interview all relevant parties and make a recommendation to the governor who made a determination regarding the person’s licensure.

Keith has been a radiologic technologist since 2000, and she is registered to perform regular X-ray and in Connecticut. She came to NOVA in 2005 after teaching for a year in Massachusetts. In addition to the Governor’s Advisory Board, she is also on the Committee for Patient Advocacy for the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT), and she is president elect of the Virginia Society of Radiologic Technicians.

“Being a Rad Tech was all I ever wanted to be,” she says. “I was injured a lot as a child and was always in X-ray. I just thought it was so cool that you could see inside your body. I just wanted to do that!”

As soon as she graduated from high school, she went directly to school, and she has never looked back. “My mom has bi-lateral breast cancer. She has had so many bad experiences with mammographers and X-ray technicians and the like. As best I can, I just want to make people comfortable and be kind to them when they’re stressed out.”

Keith is married and has two children, a boy and a girl, two chinchillas (Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow) and a cat (Lola).


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