NOVA Participates in The Yoga Aid World Challenge

NOVA Yoga Aid World ChallengeOn September 9, students from several NOVA campuses gathered to participate in The Yoga Aid World Challenge, an international fundraising event with the dual purpose of raising funds for charity and sharing the wonderful joys of yoga.

The event “followed the sun” around the globe, uniting 250,000 participants in 225 locations throughout the world.

More than 30 students and faculty extended their muscles and amplified inner peace to help build stronger communities that have a foundation in giving. One of the charities supported by the NOVA students in this year’s event was 4 Oneworld, a non-profit organization that provides sustainable education to 90 orphans in Kibooba.

During The Yoga Aid World Challenge, NOVA proudly featured several prominent instructors from different yoga styles and lineages who donated their time and expertise to the event.

The teachers included Marja Calhoun (Krishnamacharrya), Kristina Shelton (hatha), Suszie Carrmack (movement consultant) and Satwant Singh Khalsa (Kundalini).  Susan Thompson and Andrea Andrews (Maunz) served as ambassadors for the event.

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