Banned Book Week Celebrated at the Woodbridge Campus

Jackie Weaver
Jackie Weaver reads her selection from the "Handmaids Tale."

On October 3, the Gordon M. Cook Library on the Woodbridge Campus hosted a program highlighting “Banned Book Week,” featuring books that have been the subject of a request or action to restrict access to them by others. Many of the selections have been banned at some point by either libraries or schools. NOVA faculty and staff chose titles from the banded book list to read at the event. English faculty Robert Bausch read from “Lysistrata,” English faculty Denise Bausch read from “Lady Chatterley’s Lover,” English faculty Kelly Cochran read from “The Catcher In The Rye,” sociology faculty Virginia D’Antonio read from “Huckleberry Finn,” adjunct faculty Jessica Fureread from “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,”

Erika Nyborg
Erika Nyborg reads from "Animal Farm."

Assistant to the Business Manager Ashtara De Furia read from the Bible;  faculty, Dr. Erin Devine read from “Women Without Men;” English faculty Brenda Meisel read from “The Great Gatsby,” Administration Assistant to the Provost Erika Nyborg read from “Animal Farm;” Spanish faculty Chaiya Ortiz read from “For Whom The Bells Toll,” adjunct faculty LeeAnn Thomas read from “Satanic Verses/Haroun and the Sea of Stories,” ESL faculty Jacqueline Weaver read from the “Handmaids Tale,” and adjunct faculty Diane Wilson read from “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

Bob Bausch
Bob Bausch reads from his selection in "Lysistrata."

It was a well-attended program coordinated by library staff including librarians, Kerry Cotter and Russell Grooms. The library staff would like to thank all participants for making this an enjoyable event.

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