Alexandria Welcome Committee

Alexandria Celebrates Campus Community’s Commitment to Serve

Alexandria Welcome CommitteeDuring the first two weeks of the fall semester, Alexandria Campus faculty, staff, students and senior volunteers welcomed incoming students and family members to the campus.

Over the last two years, the Alexandria Campus Provost Office has provided a volunteer opportunity for NOVA faculty and staff to welcome new students and family members to the campus during the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters. In conjunction with welcoming students, volunteers are also responsible for providing guidance, support, campus direction and campus information to incoming students. This semester was the first time that the opportunity was expanded to the student body, including senior citizens. As a consequence, the campus set a new record for the number of volunteers with 43 people participating.

On November 12, the campus celebrated the service and commitment of our faculty, staff and student body by providing food, interactive activities, certificates of recognition and much more to express their appreciation.

Dr. Buchanan addressing the volunteers
Dr. Buchanan addressing the volunteers

Alexandria Provost Office Manager Nicci T. Dowd said, “I was thrilled to see the number of volunteers that we had this semester! Many of the volunteers, students in particular, felt a sense of accomplishment. They felt engaged and connected to the Campus. The successful coordination of the Welcome Back Week activities was a direct result of the leadership provided by Revelation Brown and Lizzeth “Gloria” Garcia [Alexandria Campus Provost Office] in collaboration with Keith Wynn [Student Services].  As we prepare for next semester’s Welcome Back Week activities, the Provost Office is looking forward to working with Student Services and Activities.”

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