Annual Semmler Grant for Technology Awards

The NVCC Educational Foundation Annual Giving Fund provides mini-grants for technology on the Annandale Campus. The Semmler Grants are aimed at providing faculty/staff with the funds they need to implement technology in the classroom, in the office or in labs, or to provide professional development opportunities in the area of technology.

During the 2012/13 academic year, 14 grants totaling $7,464 were awarded to deserving Annandale Campus faculty and staff members. The majority of the funds were generously donated by Dr. Richard Semmler (AN) through the Dr. Richard Semmler Technology Grant program. Semmler’s continuing generosity in funding the award account is greatly appreciated Semmler strongly encourages Annandale faculty and staff to make their own donations to the account so that these awards may continue and that more awards can be given.

All full-time and part-time Annandale faculty and staff are welcome to apply. In order to include as many faculty and staff as possible, the maximum individual award is $500, though larger amounts may be allocated with justification. Awards are based on technology-related activity that will enhance the college work environment and increase the technology base on campus.

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