NOVA faculty members

Languages: Your Passport to the World

NOVA faculty members
NOVA faculty members Xiaoli (Shirley) Lee, Kyounghee (Connie) Kim and Koji Furukawa, along with Hoi Ti Lau, president of the Chinese Student Association. Other faculty and staff who assisted during the event but are not pictured include Jessica Oxendine, Jennifer Wandrey, Ana Burke, Alicia Falzon, Sana Hilmi, Paula Debes, Kevin Taylor, Ana Alonso, Wilma Parker, Judy Benavides and Leslie Czaplicki.

On November 14 as part of International Education Week, the World Languages Department of the Annandale Division of Languages and Literature sponsored a challenging “Languages: Your Passport to the World” event in the Starbucks Café. Students were invited to test their knowledge of nine different world languages and cultures taught on the Annandale Campus. Students who demonstrated proficiency and familiarity with at least five of the nine languages and cultures were awarded a corresponding stamp for each in their Languages Passport, and received prizes closely associated with the countries in which those languages are spoken. Instructors from the department conducted the event and it was very well received. Many students participated and earned prizes, and all wanted to retain their Passport with its various completion stamps demonstrating their linguistic and cultural prowess.

Special thanks to the Annandale Campus instructors who conducted the event and World Languages Assistant Dean Ana Alonso who organized and supervised the event. Given the popularity of this event, it will definitely be included in future International Education Week celebrations at NOVA-Annandale.

NOVA faculty
NOVA faculty Sebastian Hobson, Susan Southworth, Richard March and Brian Leffler.

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