NOVA massage therapy student

Woodbridge Massage Students Take Part in Annual Marine Corps Marathon

NOVA massage therapy student
A NOVA massage therapy student gives a post-race massage to a runner.

In October, more than 40 current and former massage therapy students and four instructors volunteered to give post-event massages at the Marine Corps Marathon. The massage event was organized by Solace Clinical Massage and its owner, Jennifer Sovine, a full-time NOVA massage therapy instructor. Sovine’s months of planning and organizational skills made the event a wonderful learning experience for NOVA students and a greatly appreciated reward for the exhausted runners. More than 500 runners were massaged in six hours, and the professionalism of NOVA students and quality of their sport massages was praised by all, exemplifying the excellent quality of the NOVA massage therapy program.

Dr. Nancy Crippen
Dr. Nancy Crippen helped a runner.

Dr. Nancy Crippen, assistant dean, also helped with the event and did everything from organizing events on campus to running CEU (continuing education) classes and supervising students at the event. She also assisted students when they had athletes struggling with cramps or hypothermia by confidently controlling the situation.

Special thanks to adjunct faculty members Heidi Pen-Moog and Jodi Scholes who were also instrumental in the planning and execution of the event.

NOVA students’ massage area
The NOVA students’ massage area at the marathon.

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  1. Sounds terrific! 🙂

    Did the runners have to register/notify in advance? Were the massages free?

    Hope you continue this work!!

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