NOVA Lactation Room

New Lactation Room Open in CG Building at Annandale

NOVA Lactation Room
New Lactation Room at Annandale.

To provide an opportunity for breast-feeding mothers to use breast pumps in a private setting during the work week, a Lactation Room has been opened on the Annandale Campus in CG 406, above the library.

“We took an existing office and renovated it to provide a home-like setting for lactating mothers that we think will help meet the needs of our campus community,” said Director of Annandale Campus Operations Rizwan Rahman.

Faculty, staff or students who want to use the Lactation Room between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday can stop by the Provost’s Office in CG 202 and request access.

Mothers who need access before or after those hours can contact the campus police to unlock the door. For more information, please contact the Annandale Campus Provost’s Office at 703-323-3223.

4 thoughts on “New Lactation Room Open in CG Building at Annandale

  1. Wow! Wish we had one of these at Loudoun campus. I had to stop nursing when I started back to work because I had no office at the time (just a cube) and NO private place to go to pump other than my car. Ridiculous.

  2. Excellent! Can students access the room, too? I know we’ve had students at our campus who are breastfeeding and really need a place to pump when they’re on campus for long stretches.

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