Annandale Has Strong Performance at Math Competitions

American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges logoStudents taking classes in the Annandale Mathematics Department recently achieved outstanding results in the AMATYC and VTRMC mathematics contests.

The AMATYC (American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges) competition is a national competition in which students have one hour to complete 20 challenging questions covering a variety of mathematical topics. NOVA achieved the 16th highest score out of the 176 community colleges that participated nationwide in the AMATYC competition. Additionally, NOVA finished with the best score (rank number 1) in the Mid-Atlantic Region, which includes Virginia, Washington, Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware. Special congratulations go to Haiguang Du, who was one of only five students nationwide (out of 1,272 competitors) to achieve a perfect score. Five students from NOVA placed in the top 20 regionally.

Virginia Tech logoThe VTRMC (Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Competition) is a regional competition among two-year and four-year schools in which students complete calculus and statistics problems. The competition is so challenging that only 46 percent of all participating students scored even one point out of a possible 70. Top scorers from NOVA include Haiguang Du (28 points and ranked 79th nationally), Lulu Ma (17 points), Abdulwahaab Arif (10 points), and Lulu Ge (9 points). These are all terrific scores, especially considering that NOVA is competing against four-year schools such as MIT, Harvard, Virginia Tech, Princeton and many other well-known colleges and universities.

Special thanks to NOVA’s exceptional mathematics faculty for helping to ensure NOVA students are successful.

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