NOVA students “pet” the technology in the “zoo"

It Is a Technological Jungle Out There

NOVA students “pet” the technology in the “zoo"
Students are excited as they “pet” the technology in the “zoo.”

Ah, the lure of Teddy Grahams! What better way to snare students in the jungle of a campus library? That is why Robin Pachtman, library media specialist at the Annandale Campus, laid the trap to attract students to the Technology Petting Zoo on February 6 (prior to the faculty and staff event the next day).

The objects for “petting” were Kindles, iPod Touches, flip cameras, SLR cameras, DVD players and the other items of modern technology available for students to check out from NOVA libraries. Also on view was a short motion picture about sharks created in the library’s Media Center by a student for a class project.

“This is the third time we have done this and we thought it was a great success,” said Pachtman. “One student was so enthusiastic about what he saw that he said, ‘This college is getting better and better every day!’”

The goal of the Technology Petting Zoo is to highlight media equipment and software programs available in the Library for use by students who had not discovered them before. The Library is one component of the academic support offered by the Learning and Technology Resources Division, which also includes centers for writing, oral communication, language, tutoring and testing, as well as an open computer lab.

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