Andrew Furr

Loudoun Welcomes Andrew Furr

Andrew FurrLast December, Andrew Furr joined the Loudoun Campus as the evening operations coordinator. His focus is to coordinate campus operations by providing assistance to students, visitors and campus personnel during evening hours. His presence during the evening hours will continue to promote a sense of community as well as provide management strategies during times of crisis.

“One thing I have noticed about the Loudoun Campus is the sense of community,” said Furr. “I have seen professors engaged in conversation in the hallways with students. I just haven’t seen that type of interaction at the four year institution I have worked at.”

Furr has broad college housing management experience. Under his management, Furr has collaborated with vendors and facilities staff, managed resident spaces and operational budgets, and implemented community building activities.

Furr holds a bachelor of arts in political science from West Virginia University.

Welcome Andrew!

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