Pathway Advisory Council

Pathway Advisory Council Visits the Virginia General Assembly

Pathway Advisory Council
Annandale Provost Barbara Saperstone, Betiel Mussie (PAC), Ericka Riggs (Pathway Advisor), Zeshan Khan (PAC), Danna Chavez Calvi (PAC), Tom DiCato (Senior Advisor, Student Activities), Delegate David Bulova, Behrad Azhandeh (PAC), Tanya Carrie Donangmaye (PAC) and NOVA Board Member Bruce Neilson.

On February 14, members of NOVA’s Pathway Advisory Council (PAC), Annandale Provost Barbara Saperstone, PAC Advisor Ericka Riggs and Senior Advisor Student Activities Tom DiCato had an opportunity to meet with legislators in Virginia’s General Assembly in Richmond, Virginia. They took this time to talk about current issues affecting community college students.

PAC members enthusiastically discussed issues with Senator Dave Marsden, Delegate Vivian Watts, Delegate David Bulova and Senator J. Chapman Petersen’s Legislative Assistant Kathleen Neilson. Topics of discussion ranged from building student centers, increasing the transfer grant, renovations, parking and peer advocacy to prevent human trafficking, growing concerns of Delegate Barbara Comstock whom they also met.

Following the office visits, they traveled to the Capitol Building where they were introduced by Bulova to the General Assembly. In his introduction, Bulova acknowledged PAC’s leadership in organizing a community service effort for Hurricane Sandy victims that helped more than 200 families on the Jersey Shore.

The day was memorable for all who attended. PAC would like to thank Geri Dolan and Dana Kaufman for making the trip possible and DiCato for inviting them to be a part of this wonderful experience.

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