LANDSAT launch vehicle in cake

Reston Center Launches ASPRS Student Chapter

LANDSAT launch vehicle in cake
LANDSAT launch vehicle in cake created by Laura Siko.

On February 11, the Reston Center held a kickoff party for the formation of NOVA’s student chapter of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS). The evening began with a celebration of the launch of the LANDSAT 8 satellite and the second part of the evening was dedicated to the formation of the new chapter. The keynote speaker for the evening was Darryl Lansey from the National Reconnaissance Office.

“The NOVA student ASPRS chapter will be one of the first chapters in the nation to be formed at a community college. At ASPRS, we are really excited by this activity at NOVA,” said John Manzer, ASPRS Potomac Region past president and speaker at the event.

“Providing our students opportunities to network and learn from industry leaders is very important to NOVA’s Geographical Information Systems program,” said Dr. Mike Krimmer, GIS Program Head. “We are excited about being one of the first community colleges to participate in ASPRS.”

The highlight of the evening was a Laura Siko specialty cake that was a replica of the LANDSAT launch vehicle.

“These specialty cakes are great conversation starters at all our events. Guests are always impressed that the director of the Reston Center, Laura Siko, creates the cakes,” said Janice Ouellette, GCPI grant project coordinator.

The LANDSAT program has been observing the Earth from space for the past 40 years. It provides important data to scientists and NOVA GIS students use the data in their coursework.

Founded in 1934, ASPRS is a scientific association that advances the knowledge and improves the understanding of mapping sciences. The association promotes responsible use of photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS and supporting technology.

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