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NOVA Attends Annual Achieving the Dream Meeting

ATD groupDuring the first week of February, a team of faculty and staff represented NOVA at Achieving the Dream’s (ATD) Annual Meeting on Student Success in Anaheim, California. Referred to as DREAM (which stands for Data, Reform, Equity, Achievement, and Movement), the conference is an opportunity for faculty and staff from the 187 participating ATD community colleges to share ideas about student success.

The NOVA team included Beverlee Drucker (WO), Carolyn Lorente (AL), David Epstein (WO), Frances Villagran-Glover (AL), Jennifer Richardson (WO), Kathy Lloyd (AN), Mark Mannheimer (AN), Michael Brazie (LO), Stephen Clarke (LO), Rashmi Chilka (AN), Stephen Suetterlein (AL), Patricia Gary (MA), Molly Lynch (MA), Teresa Overton (WO), and Vice President of Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment George Gabriel.

ATD is a national initiative developed to increase student success rates at community colleges. NOVA has been a member of the initiative since 2007 and was recognized as a Leader College in 2010.

Among the presenters at the conference were Drucker and Overton who led a discussion on “The Perfect Storm: Redesigning Developmental Math at Northern Virginia Community College.” Additionally, Gabriel, Gary, and Lloyd made a presentation, “Mandating Student Success,” in which they discussed the data-based process that led to the proposal of major policy changes by NOVA’s ATD Core Team. The proposed policy changes are to mandate New Student Orientation for first-time students, mandate placement testing for first-time students, mandate enrollment in developmental courses during the first semester for students who are placed in them, enforce the current policy on SDV enrollment within the first year for first-time students, mandate early advising (GPS for Success) for first-time students and eliminate late registration.

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