NOVA Faculty visit Brazil

NOVA Faculty in Brazil to Develop Study Abroad Programs

NOVA Faculty visit Brazil
From left or right: Ana Alonso, Stacey Bustillos, Rector Paulo Pereira of IFG, Kirk Goolsby, Laura Franklin and Jill Caporale.

A group of NOVA faculty, Assistant Dean of World Languages and College Study Abroad Coordinator Ana Alonso (AN), Coordinator of Office of Global Studies and Programs Stacey Bustillos (CS), Associate Professor of Biology and Physical Sciences Jill Caporale (AN), Assistant Professor of World Languages Laura Franklin (AL) and Assistant Professor Biology Kirk Goolsby (AN) traveled to central Brazil during spring break to work with their counterparts at the Federal Institute of Goiás to develop two study abroad programs being supported by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

As a result of the grant, the Alexandria Campus will plan to expand its Portuguese language offerings for the fall and spring semesters. Students enrolling in the spring 2014 course will interact via distance with an English classroom in Brazil and end the semester with a two-week study abroad trip to Brazil. This will allow students to put their language skills to use and immerse themselves into Brazilian culture with the help of their Brazilian classmates at IF-Goiás.

Similarly, a course is being designed in Environmental Concerns that will be offered on the Annandale Campus during spring 2014. This course will connect NOVA and Brazilian students virtually so they can learn from each other about issues facing their local ecosystems. At the end of the semester, these NOVA students will also travel to Brazil as a class to experience the Brazilian environment first hand.

The U.S. State Department grant has been awarded to NOVA for the purpose of developing the College’s study abroad capacity and will fund the two study abroad programs during spring 2014 and 2015 semesters.

3 thoughts on “NOVA Faculty in Brazil to Develop Study Abroad Programs

    1. Hello, I reached out to people featured in this article to get an accurate answer to your question. Here is the reply provided …

      NOVA study abroad programs are currently under review at this time and only a few select may be offered in 2017. These have not yet been finalized. This does not mean you should not study abroad for 2017. Below are some options to consider in the meantime as we hope to have new NOVA program being offered in 2018 and beyond.

      Please find some other options for study abroad programs at other institutions and third party providers below. If you find any programs of interest and are not sure how to proceed feel free to give me a call or email for guidance.

      A few things to consider as you look at various programs;

      1. Are you looking to study for a year or semester or something more short term like a 2-week summer program?
      2. Do you want to receive college credit?
      3. What country or region of the world are you interested in?

      The below sites list all of the major study abroad programs being offered over the next academic year. These are run by other academic institutions and third party providers and often are open to students from any US higher education institution to participate in. Also, attached is a list of potential funding opportunities to go abroad.
      • StudyAbroad –
      • IIEPassport –
      • GoAbroad –

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