Loudoun’s Horticulture Club Reaches Out to the Community

photo 8 rdOn April 20 and 21, Loudoun’s Horticulture Club hosted a booth at the 23rd Annual Leesburg Flower and Garden Festival in downtown Leesburg, Virginia. The club sold geraniums and other annuals they propagated in the greenhouse. This year they sold more than 2,800 plants. The money they made from the sales is donated to fund the student gardens around campus and the Horticulture Program. They also take this opportunity to share information about NOVA’s Loudoun Horticulture Program.

“This is a great opportunity in securing student learning as well as publicizing NOVA’s offerings,” said David Scheid, Horticulture Program head.

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  1. Victoria Esannason Reply March 5, 2014 at 11:35 am

    The Horticulture Club cultivate the most beautiful plants, but I never know when the plants are available on campus. It is not always listed in the Intercom. I like to support with plant purchase, so it would be nice to know the upcoming spring sale dates.

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